Janitorial Sinks

There is no shortage of maintenance and cleaning to be done in medical and healthcare environments so TECHNIK Medical has designed a range of stainless steel janitorial sinks that can handle these heavy usage conditions. Using stainless steel creates a janitorial sink that can cope with high usage and harsh chemicals, the sinks are durable, easy to clean and robust.

Having separate sinks for hand washing and cleaning tasks can ensure you keep to strict hygienic guidelines and meet stringent hygiene regulations.

The mop bucket sink is wall mounted and has a removable support grid for ease of filling buckets. Models are available with or without two adjustable front legs, allowing you to account for uneven floors.

The janitorial sink combines a hand wash sink and a mop bucket sink to create a dual purpose stainless steel sink. This sink is free standing, at a convenient working height and includes a mixer tap.